8 Ways How Technology Consulting Can Improve Business Efficiency

30 June 2023
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Explore how tech consulting can drive business success, learn about possible tech implementations, and how to choose a consulting firm.

The aspiration toward better outcomes is absolutely natural for businesses across all industries. It’s a frequent practice for top managers to initiate the integration of innovative technologies or modernization of some processes. For this, they may require external expertise. That’s why tech consulting can improve business efficiency of any company.

As a business owner or a C-level executive, you may find it beneficial to get a grasp of ways to enhance business efficiency through IT consulting. You’ll also get an insight into technologies that can be implemented, what businesses reap the most benefit from using this service, and how to find the right consulting partner.

How tech consulting can improve business efficiency

Technology consulting is intended to help businesses and organizations achieve strategic objectives through leveraging tech. Here are the advantages of technology consulting for businesses:

#1 Achieve business goals

Running a business requires excellent expertise in technology, industry, and market, as well as a substantial experience in analytics. Digital consulting firms can assist business owners and their teams by providing expert advice on how to turn a business idea into a properly implemented tech project. They may also:

  • Align IT assets with projected goals
  • Prioritize and guide digital transformation
  • Coordinate activities within IT projects
  • Outline a high-level IT strategy and execute it
  • Design and develop digital systems
  • Prepare the client’s infrastructure
  • Integrate the technology into business processes

As an example, the Intelliarts team delivered tech consulting services to Dorel Juvenile Group — a manufacturer of juvenile products. We identified ways to make the application more stable and scalable and detected the features that the app lacked. We also created a detailed roadmap for modernizing application infrastructure and provided custom software development services.

Tech consulting for Dorel Juvenile Group: baby monitoring app
#2 Maximize operational efficiency

Technology consulting transforms businesses by maximizing their operational potential, not in the last place. Digital consulting firms can assist a company by identifying areas for improvement and suggesting new solutions. Some of the possible interventions here are:

  • Propose automation tools and techniques
  • Help migrate to cloud-based systems
  • Increase the flexibility and scalability of business processes

The collaboration between Coca-Cola European Partners and IBM — the multinational technology company, is a vivid tech consulting case. IBM is responsible for the marketing distribution of Coca-Cola products and improving the company’s operational efficiency through digital systems integration, data analytics, and IoT and AI technologies.

CCEP’s CIO Peter Brickley notes: “Our successful collaboration with IBM over the last few years has given us the confidence to take the next step in our strategic cloud-first digital transformation.”

#3 Blend technology into business processes

Digital transformation consulting can help companies utilize the industry’s most relevant technological advancements. Consulting agencies assist with researching and evaluating various technology options and considering factors such as cost, ease of implementation, and scalability. Amongst services that advisory firms may provide, there are:

  • Development of an implementation plan with the steps required to integrate the technology
  • Execution of the plan in cooperation with an in-house team
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the results
  • Identification of necessary adjustments or refinements
  • Possible steps for carrying out a software implementation plan are shown in the image below.

5-step software implementation planOptimizing the efficiency of a company through tech advancements requires substantial expertise. If you are exploring ways how to improve business with tech consulting, reach out to our team of well-seasoned tech experts.

#4 Improve business resilience

Resilience is an organization’s ability to respond and adapt to interruptions or unanticipated changes that could threaten its operations, people, assets, brand, or reputation. Digital consulting firms can advise on and help to implement measures to raise the company’s overall responsiveness in times of crisis. Examples include the following:

  • Adoption of Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban
  • Integration of DevOps practices into operational processes
  • Development of business continuity plans

#5 Enhance sustainability

Business or corporate sustainability is the strategy for the management of environmental, social, and economic demands. Tech consulting firms can help to evaluate the possibility of integrating sustainability practices, identify the most cost-effective technologies, and execute implementation plans. Amongst possible interventions here are:

  • Development and integration of renewable energy solutions
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Help with the adoption of circular economy principles
  • Implementation of sustainable supply chain practices
  • Assistance with bringing a business closer to green IT

#6 Provide training and support

As a rule, implementation of new technologies, as well as building a new product or automating processes, come with the need to provide training to employees. Technology consulting firms can advise on what training processes to introduce and assist with their successful execution. Amongst the services that advisory firms may provide, there are:

  • Development and customization of training plans
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of training
  • Ongoing support to the IT infrastructure, including helpdesk or support hotline and on-site maintenance and troubleshooting

#7 Optimize costs and reduce risks

Another benefit of IT consulting services lies in optimizing business expenses and reducing associated risks. Expert consultants may perform a thorough analysis of a company’s technology infrastructure. This way, they identify areas where cost savings and risk reductions can be achieved. Possible interventions here are:

  • Performing cybersecurity, operational, and other risk audits
  • Suggestion of best practices for risk management
  • Proposal of measures for consolidating systems
  • Help with the migration to more efficient platforms

Consulting on and helping with predictive maintenance in manufacturing is an additional example of how tech consulting can optimize operational costs.

#8 Help to stay ahead of the competition

Depending on the niche, a business may be present in a more or less competitive environment. Either way, making steps towards higher marketability is key to remaining in demand regardless of the situation on the market. A trusted IT consulting partner can:

  • Conduct an analysis of business operations and identify areas where technology can provide a competitive advantage
  • Provide advice on what technology to leverage
  • Help to establish and encourage a culture of innovation within the organization

Let’s take a look at another example of how to improve business with tech consulting. GE Healthcare, a global medical technology leader, announced a collaboration with Accenture — a consulting company. GE-Accenture alliance implemented a new data management system that will help them streamline their supply chain and reduce inventory levels. They aim to use their combined consulting businesses and analytics expertise to help healthcare providers save 25% to 50% of their current costs to re-process denied claims.

It’s also interesting to know how such innovative technology as computer vision can revolutionize industries.

Keep reading the post to discover what technology implementations can be discussed and worked on within the tech consulting service scope.

Innovative solutions to adopt with the help of technology consulting

One of the factors of success is the wise integration of innovative technologies in operational and business processes. Let’s find out what implementations tech consulting firms can offer:

Possible scope of innovative solutions within technology consulting conceptAI & ML-based solutions

Branches of AI & ML are Natural Language Processing (NLP), predictive analytics, computer vision in insurance, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), virtual assistants, etc. As an example, engineers from Intelliarts developed an integrated ML-based solution that minimizes false alarms in the automated optical inspection system.

Cloud Computing solutions

A digital consulting firm can assist a business in taking advantage of Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), hybrid cloud, cloud migrations, and other technology implementations. This scope falls within cloud strategy and advisory services.

IoT/IIoT solutions

IoT and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) innovative technology fields encompass a vast array of usable solutions. These include sensors and devices, data analytics and visualization solutions, connective and networking solutions, security systems, and edge computing models.

Business Intelligence solutions

A wise inclusion of business intelligence solutions can greatly impact the way companies derive insights from their business data to support decision-making. Possible technology implementations here that consulting firms can advise on are data warehousing, self-service business intelligence, data governance, predictive analytics, etc.

Process Automation solutions

This field encompasses a range of technology implementations that focuses on streamlining decision-making and other business processes within the organization. Examples of what tech consulting firms can help with include Business Process Management (BPM), workflow automation, and data integration.
Now, let’s find out in what niches technology consulting is in high demand and how this service can help different businesses.

Businesses that get the most profit from technology consulting

The operation of most companies is dependent on tech implementations to a certain extent. Among niches, businesses that reap the most benefits of hiring an IT consulting firm are manufacturing, insurance, energy, and digital marketing. However, financial, healthcare, retail, and logistics industries are also saturated with innovative technologies. That makes consulting a demanded service among related businesses as well.

  • Manufacturing
    Tech consulting can help streamline operations through improved predictive maintenance and better quality assurance. It can also optimize supply chain management.
  • Insurance
    Technological implementations of machine learning in the insurance industry can improve customer acquisition and enhance fraud detection capabilities. They can accelerate underwriting and help to achieve higher operational efficiency.
  • Energy
    IT consulting can advance companies toward optimizing energy production, distribution, and consumption. Besides, it can help with the smart integration of renewable energy technology.
  • Digital Marketing
    Technology consulting can help leverage data analytics to provide informed market insights. AI-driven technologies also offer additional content creation and SEO capabilities.
  • Financial Services
    IT system modifications here are mostly focused on improving cybersecurity and compliance. Besides, they can improve customer experience through digital channels.
  • Healthcare
    IT business consulting can reduce medical care costs and increase medical personnel’s productivity and patient care quality. It also ensures HIPAA, HITECH, and FDA compliance.
  • Retail
    Retailers can achieve high-level customer service and provide personalized communication. This will increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer loyalty.
  • Logistics
    Digital consulting may offer the improvement of logistics networks and a higher automation level. It can be achieved through advising on location design, intralogistics, etc.

Tech consulting benefits for companies are numerous. There is always something to enhance at an operational or administrative level. That’s why collaborating with consulting experts to identify areas of improvement and execute tech implementations is always the right call.

Find out how our ML team assisted a large insurance company with improving insurance lead quality and agent efficiency.

Success stories of businesses that have benefited from technology consulting

It’s hard to imagine a well-established business that has never required technology consulting assistance. Here are some of the success stories of famous companies that benefited from such a service:


DHL, being one of the leading global logistics companies, was keen on maintaining its edge in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. For this, DHL needed to innovate its operations. 

To address these needs, DHL partnered with IBM, among other tech firms, for technology consulting and solutions. One of the significant outcomes of this collaboration was the adoption of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.

DHL’s embrace of IoT and other technological advancements significantly enhanced their service offerings. They were able to provide better traceability, faster shipment times, and more accurate delivery predictions.


As digital photography began to emerge in the 1990s and 2000s, Kodak found itself struggling to adapt, even though they had early access to digital camera technology.

Kodak sought assistance from consulting firms, including Accenture, to help in its transition from film to digital. The consultancy aimed to provide technological strategies and implementation assistance to make Kodak competitive in the digital imaging space.

While Kodak had significant internal challenges, the digital initiatives backed by consulting insights helped it establish a foothold in the digital space.

Let’s proceed with learning how to select a trusted consulting company among many on the market.

How to find a tech consulting partner for your business?

Finding a great tech partner is already half the battle. Here are some things to consider when hiring an IT consulting firm:

Expertise and experience

Check portfolio and case studies to find if a particular vendor of consulting services has experience in your industry or with similar challenges. The number of successfully completed projects should exceed, preferably, several dozen. You also should check or ask whether they specialize in the technologies you need advice on.

Reputation and reviews

Look for testimonials or reviews on their website, social media platforms, or third-party review websites. This way, you’ll get an idea of the quality of service, responsiveness, and reliability of a chosen provider of consulting services.

Flexibility and customization

Give preference to a company that offers customized solutions tailored to your unique business needs and goals. They should be able to adapt to your requirements and offer scalable solutions that can grow with your business.


Desirably, you should partner with a company that values clear communication and productive collaboration. They should be responsive to your queries, provide regular updates, and be transparent about their progress.

People value and customer retention

The way companies treat their employees can tell a lot about the potential partnership. After all, when employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to be engaged, productive, and motivated. As for customer retention, the prevalence of recurring customers indicates satisfaction and, likely, excellent project outcomes.

Drive to innovate

It’s good if your tech consulting partner is familiar with industry-latest technology, but it’s even better if they have the drive to innovate and can come up with some unique, state-of-the-art solutions. For one, Intelliarts has the R&D department responsible for idea exploration and looking for potential for significant breakthroughs.

Cultural proximity

Another good idea is to look for similarities in history, ethnicity, religion, language, and geography between you and a tech consulting firm. Having a lot in common considerably simplifies communication, benefits long-term cooperation, and typically leads to better project results.

Cost and value

To opt for a cheaper or more expensive service is not a valid concern. Instead, estimate the value that your business will receive from one or another consulting option and stick to the optimal one.

If you are in search of a trusted tech consulting company, consider Intelliarts as an excellent option. We specialize in big data and AI technologies and can provide qualified big data consulting as well as execute any technological developments. We assisted customers from across multiple industries, with most attention paid to manufacturing, insurance, fintech, healthcare, and retail niches.

Final take

Companies increasingly use digital technologies to keep up with the pace in the competitive environment and improve business outcomes. Many organizations rely on external expertise and opt for tech consulting services. This way, they get assistance with the identification of areas for improvement and the execution of a digital transformation plan. An information technology audit can further ensure that digital transformations are aligned with business goals, enhancing transparency and security. The outcomes that businesses strive to achieve are higher customer satisfaction, increased revenue, better business efficiency, and higher quality of products and services offered.

You should be confident in the high expertise of a firm that provides IT consulting services to you. If you aim at getting the most value from digital transformation, then let a team of expert AI consultants from Interlliarts contribute.

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