Oleksandr Stefanovskyi

Head of R&D Department

About Oleksandr

Having a strong background in data science and software engineering, Oleksandr Stefanovskyi is heading the Intelliarts cross-functional R&D team. He’s a regular contributor to the Intelliarts blog, telling the nuances of building end-to-end machine learning pipelines.

Oleksandr benefits our blog with his knowledge in data science and ML coming from:

  • 3 years of experience in leading ML projects out of more than 10 years in the software engineering industry overall
  • Strict adherence to the principles of CRISP-DM methodology for AI and data-heavy projects
  • Being an AWS-certified engineer
  • Deep expertise in software architecture design 
  • Extensive experience in designing and building data lakes and data warehouses for data-intensive applications
  • Effective management and conflict resolution skills developed after years of successful management of mixed development teams and leading research and development initiatives
  • Oleksandr loves taking photos on his smartphone and traveling across the world. He’s interested in Contemporary Art and reads 30+ books a year
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