Intelliarts CEO Andriy Zakharchuk Believes in Providing Influential AI Solutions

20 October 2022
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Interview with Intelliarts CEO

Intelliarts is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) consulting and software development company that excels in AI & big data analytics. The organization’s innovative approach makes them an unmatched software development solutions provider. The company was founded in 1999, headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine & also has a branch office in Lublin, Poland.

Intelliarts possesses experienced & talented engineers who create data-driven and ML-powered software solutions. The company offers complete digital business transformation for startups, midsize companies, and large enterprises worldwide. The team helps its customers to create value by reinforcing companies with innovation.

Intelliarts is a renowned IT company with significant expertise in the following areas:

  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Development
  • SaaS Development
  • IoT Solutions
  • Business Intelligence Solutions

The expert team offers exceptional technology consulting, R&D (Research and Development), and software development services. The excellent client reviews vouch for their incredible efforts and strong engineering prowess.

The GoodFirms team had an opportunity to speak with Andriy Zakharchuk – CEO of Intelliarts – recently. Andriy speaks at length about the story behind launching Intelliarts, the types of services, and his expectations for the company’s future.

Right at the start, he mentions that he is fairly passionate as a CEO and loves motivating all his team members by sharing his professional experience and thereby helping to lead, manage, and support them.

Talking about the initial days, Andriy recalls that the company was initiated by passionate people who were propelled by empathy & enthusiasm to run the business. Such an approach inspired the newcomers to treat the customers’ goals & objectives as their own. As a consequence, each team member strives to come up with the best possible solution keeping in mind the customer’s business from the entire perspective.

Andriy added that Intelliarts was founded to mark an influential impression on the IT sector through a values-based approach. The company’s business communication is entirely transparent, which helps customers to make better decisions. The value-based approach to business allowed Intelliarts to become the most sought-after software development firm in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data.

Further, Andriy talked about the company’s business model, which focuses on providing consulting services and building dedicated teams of highly-skilled engineers that operate nearly as close as customers’ on-site engineers. The company provides experts who comprehend customers’ business requirements and help them during the development process, including planning, deployment, integration, and predictive maintenance. They hire experienced, professional, and dedicated developers for long-term contracts.

Moreover, he added that Intelliarts strives to integrate the team members with the client’s team as much as possible, which in a way, strengthens the project and improves the reliability of its success. The collaboration ensures the exchange of values and culture with the customers and helps form a solid bond with them.

What’s more, by sharing about the company’s cultural values that differentiate them from its competitors, Andriy clearly states that client satisfaction is the most critical asset for Intelliarts. The team is determined to provide ultimate success to their client’s businesses through honesty, integrity, and reliability.

Plus, employees love to extend their knowledge boundaries and improve the work processes accordingly, which helps customers to keep the relationship for the long term. The developers’ team ensures each project scales in keeping with those ethical values.

Intelliarts’ team offers exceptional service to their customers that helps maintain the business bond reliability through robust software development solutions. Since 1999, the company’s objective approach has led them to reach greater heights in IT services globally. Not surprisingly, their client roster is at its peak, encouraging them to keep consistency in what they do!

The company caters to the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Information technology
  • Agritech
  • and other

A sense of ownership and responsibility of the team members helps Intelliarts to provide excellent solutions to their customers.

While focusing on creating complex data-driven ML-powered solutions for the business, they also ensure that the product is built according to high-quality standards, operates in a fault-tolerant and resilient manner, and of course is user-friendly.

Thus, Intelliarts has been listed among the top artificial intelligence companies in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

The company’s most demanded services include AI development solutions, software engineering, R&D (Research & Development), and data engineering services. CEO of Intelliarts added that the organization recently extended its expertise in the machine learning domain, and hopefully, more ML-related projects will be on board soon.

Andriy mentioned that more than 90% of their customers come back to them with new projects and ideas. He firmly believes that the real success of his company is the happiness of customers.

Andriy also outlined the steps to achieve customer satisfaction. His special recipe includes:

  • a friendly culture backed by solid professional values

  • product quality

  • solid support system

  • open and constant communication

All of the above takes effect when the dedicated team thoroughly learns the client’s business strengths and weaknesses and takes action accordingly to achieve massive success.

The support system of Intelliarts is reliable in helping their customers from the initial stages to the end of the project and the team may cooperate with the customers as long as they are needed. On project completion, the team always welcomes their customers to reach out for any queries or help.

Andriy has revealed the company’s payment structure, which is a flexible billing model. The budget depends on the project’s requirements, and the company offers a reasonable budget for each business size. They prefer monthly invoices more than any other structure, which is convenient for customers. Besides, fixed-price projects are also profitable for some in terms of convenience.

Intelliarts’ team works with all types of businesses that have growth potential. They ensure that communication is transparent with their customers, and the budget should not be an obstacle to finalizing the business deal. This means that Intelliarts may assist anyone from large to small-sized businesses.

The company focuses on the customer’s business growth rather than the budget. The professional team model allows work with annual revenue per client’s metric, and prices are according to the team size. Andriy said that in 2021, the price range was between $60,000 and $1,200,000.

When asked about the company’s ten-year plan, Andriy stated that the company’s vision for the upcoming years is to influence more IT-enthusiastic people, create a better world through innovative machine learning technologies, and help all sizes of businesses grow.

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