About Olena

Being a tech enthusiast, Olena Zherebetska is a content manager at Intelliarts, writing about the latest news and innovations in data science and machine learning.

Olena is an experienced tech writer whose expertise extends to:

  • 4 years of writing about IT and 7 years of writing experience generally
  • Researching the topics in the fields of data science and machine learning and converting the findings into the audience-specific content
  • Exploring the jungle of marketing with certificates in content marketing and digital marketing from Hubspot Academy
  • Creating various types of content, from academic papers to case studies, white papers, etc.
  • Tech lover who always follows the latest tech trends and advancements
  • MS in Foreign Languages and Literature
  • In her leisure time, Olena prefers reading world classics books, especially the Modern Period. She loves traveling and exploring new places and has visited 10 countries by the age of 25.
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