Processing and Analyzing Extensive IoT Data for OptiMEAS

Over the years of cooperation, we created a full-scale SaaS solution capable of processing huge volumes of IoT data.

Solution Highlights

  • Created a centralized data storage, data processing, and visualization tool
  • Helped to transform the solution into a B2B SaaS platform
  • Enabled the customer to get value from massive amounts of IoT data
  • Provided OptiMEAS with useful insights about their data to be used in decision-making
  • Developed a permission management system to define and control users’ access rights
  • Extended the list of supported data formats
Solution highlights
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About the Project


From sensors to edge devices to cloud-based apps, OptiMEAS delivers best-in-class IoT solutions for industrial digitalization. The company helps other businesses to implement IoT and Industry 4.0 applications for monitoring industrial goods and making products and services more intelligent.

Challenges & Project Goals:

While operating large amounts of data collected from edge devices on the field, OptiMEAS understood it didn’t use this IoT data to its full potential. So, the company contacted Intelliarts with the request to store data in a more centralized way as well as to process and analyze data in a more efficient manner.


Throughout years of collaboration, we built an effective data processing pipeline for OptiMEAS to be able to collect big data more productively, analyze, process, and visualize it. Later on, we also created a full-scale SaaS solution to meet the company’s custom requirements.

Business Value Delivered:

  • With the help of a powerful big data pipeline that we built, the company became able to unleash the value of the IoT data it was sitting on and transform it into actionable insights. OptiMEAS then used these insights to make more informed decisions and provide better products and services to end-users.
  • Almost six years of fruitful cooperation also resulted in transforming the solution into a successful B2B SaaS platform with end-users all around the globe. Our engineers continue developing new features for that multi-tenant application.
Location: Germany
Industry: IoT
Partnership period: Dec 2017 — Now

Data Engineering


Big Data, IoT Solutions

Technologies used: Spring, Spring Boot, Quartz, Docker, Zookeeper, Kafka, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, MinIO, JClouds, Proguard, Protobuf, Micrometer, Kubernetes, Helm, Redis, Jenkins, Sonar, AWS, Azure

The vendor’s open-minded team is effortless to work with and experienced in the client’s technology stack.

Dmytro Pishchukhin
Co-owner @Optimeas

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Technology Solution

The special feature of this project was that the customer had lots of IoT sensors and was processing a really huge amount of data. We started our cooperation with OptiMEAS by building a solution on top of an open-source product. To put it otherwise, our engineers were in charge of an entirely new line of development by taking the customer’s source code from an open-source software program.


As the project progressed, we built an end-to-end data, efficient pipeline for data collection, processing, analysis, and visualization. Later, Intelliarts also transformed this solution into a full-scale SaaS platform to meet the customer’s custom requirements. Among the upgrades our engineering team did, there were:

  • The app’s ability to digest large amounts of data from IIoT sensors and translate them into meaningful insights
  • Different means for events monitoring, data processing, and data visualization (pictures, graphs, charts, and reports)
  • Building a permission management system to define and control users’ access rights
  • Expanded list of supported data formats
  • The app’s ability to work on different cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Alibaba) to provide more flexibility to users and on-premise servers to preserve better data security
  • Running the app as an independent monolith for higher cost-efficiency and as part of microservice architecture for better scalability
  • Data aggregation, the purpose of which was to process and summarize a large pool of data for business analysis

Business Outcomes

Our cooperation with OptiMEAS continues, with Intelliarts working on new features for this multi-tenant application. By far, the company is totally satisfied with the results of the project:

  • We built a centralized data storage, data processing, and data visualization tool for the customer to be able to get value from volumes of IoT data.
  • The company received many insights about their data and could use this info in decision-making.
  • The SaaS platform we developed works smoothly and efficiently. It has won the hearts of many users and turned out a successful and profitable project.
  • The solution we built is scalable, secure, and cost-effective.
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