Creating a Fully-fledged Customer Data Platform for Optimizely

Our team's efforts contributed to the development of a robust data platform designed to address marketing activation, real-time segmentation, and predictive customer behavior analysis.

Solution Highlights

  • Contributed to data platform development targeted at marketing activation, real-time segmentation, and predicting customer behaviors
  • Revamped the UI of the customer-facing app in collaboration with the customer’s UX team
  • Optimized the system to reliably deliver tens of millions of messages per month
  • Assisted in optimizing the data pipelines to handle the growing influx of incoming requests
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About the Project


Optimizely, the leading digital experience platform provider, helps companies around the world orchestrate their entire content lifecycle, monetize every digital experience and experiment across all customer touchpoints. Serving more than 10,000 businesses around the globe, Optimizely powers every phase of the marketing lifecycle through a single, AI-accelerated workflow.

Challenges & Project Goals:

Originally, Optimizely contacted Intelliarts to redesign the customer-facing application that helps coordinate interactions between Optimizely’s operating system for marketing and its end users. Now, seven years later, and with deep domain knowledge, the Intelliarts team is in charge of the development process for the customer data platform (CDP), a significant part of the customer’s business.


As a software engineering and technology consulting company, we played a crucial role in building a real-time customer data platform. This robust and user-friendly CDP allows users to: 

  • Consolidate data sources to ensure an updated view of customer data collected from users’ websites, our customer’s sources, and 60+ available integrations 
  • Effortlessly generate and manage market segments so marketers can proceed with experiments with advanced targeting and content creation 
  • Customize customer experience by getting insights from personal preferences and behaviors with automated activation across different channels 

Our team worked closely with Optimizely’s engineers and product managers, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices to build a platform that empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their customer data for driving growth and enhancing customer relationships.

Location: US
Industry: Software Development
Partnership period: Oct 2017 — Now

Cloud Services, Big Data, SaaS Development

Technologies used: AWS, Java, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Typescript, React, Kafka, Cassandra, Snowflake, Redis, Scylla, Terraform, K8s
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Technology Solution

Our collaboration with Optimizely has been going on since 2017. It all started with custom software development for the customer-facing application that handles interaction between end users and the service provider. The task was to redesign the user interface to make it more intuitive and user-friendly, as well as to improve the speed and performance of the application. 

After we completed this and made their product more stable and sustainableand after we deepened our domain expertise Optimizely wanted us to take more responsibility. Now, the Intelliarts team is responsible for the development of their CDP, which has been designed for laser-focused segmentation. The platform unifies data from online and offline interactions, third-party providers, and customer relationship management systems, and it harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to get compelling insights from customer data. 


So far, our software engineers have already participated in building: 

  • Real-time customer segmentation, which is a cutting-edge solution for marketers that allows them to segment customers instantly during engagement and deliver more personalized digital experiences. Based on the data analysis model embedded into the system, the data platform provides predictive recommendations to strengthen segmentation 
  • A powerful editor designed to craft one-shot mailing campaigns and complex marketing automation for multi-channel 
  • Tons of one-click integrations, including Hubspot, Salesforce, LinkedIn Lead Gen, etc. to expand the functionality of the platform and provide users with a unified data view 
  • Data reporting for effortless access and visualization of the most crucial data 
  • The suite of data management, ingestion, and integration tools that allow users to merge disparate data sources to get meaningful insights, as well as to control the data flow 
  • Efficient data pipelines to automate and manage complex data workflows — this is one of the highly loaded parts of the project regarding that the company manages terabytes of data monthly 

Additionally, our team was busy helping with code refactoring to make it cleaner and improve the reliability and maintainability of the CDP. We also helped to modernize the architecture and implement important infrastructure changes, so it became technically feasible to develop new features that Optimizely planned. 

One of the core challenges of this ongoing project is to choose the right technologies and combine them effectively to help Optimizely keep the project updated and integrate newer tech into this long-playing product.

Another gem of this project is an abundance of non-typical tasks. For example, we regularly optimize performance and database to handle complex search queries and upgrade the system infrastructure so it can manage tens of millions of messages per month. All of this helps us deepen our understanding of the marketing domain and how different variables affect the high load of our partner’s system. 

Business Outcomes

We joined our effort with Optimizely and, over these seven years, together, we managed to build a high-level solution that allows marketers to unify, segment, and activate customer data in the blink of an eye. The CDP brings lots of value to its end users by: 

  • Creating unified customer profiles based on behaviors, purchase history, interests, etc. to get a better understanding of the target audience
  • Eliminating data silos so all the necessary data is at users’ fingertips
  • Improving personalization as the most powerful trend in marketing today
  • Increasing revenue with better customer experience and more personal digital experiences
  • Improving efficiency of marketing campaigns due to segmentation, AI-based recommendations, and automation


Among other important gains of the project, we can also mention how quickly the Intelliarts team managed to integrate into Optimizely’s team and understand the domain. As a result, our software engineers helped to significantly speed up development and delivery. And, in collaboration with the UX team, our tech specialists implemented a complex UI for the customer-facing application while enhancing its stability to meet the demands of complex real-time segmentations and marketing orchestration use cases. 

All in all, the Intelliarts team continues to fuel the customer’s success and upgrade the customer data platform. Currently, we focus on email marketing, data integration, and ingestion pipelines to make the product future-proof. The team also supports the customer-facing application, migrates it to the more updated infrastructure, and extends the functionality. 

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