Volodymyr Mudryi

DS/ML Engineer

About Volodymyr

Volodymyr Mudryi is a talented data scientist and machine learning engineer that has more than 4 years of experience in the field. He’s a prominent writer on the Intelliarts blog, covering a broad range of topics, from data science to deep learning, data mining, and NLP.

Volodymyr gladly shares his DS/ML expertise since he:

  • Specializes in classical machine learning
  • Has a primary focus on projects related to computer vision, clustering analysis, object detection, and tabular data classification
  • Is a certified ML engineer in Applied AI with DeepLearning, Advanced ML and Signal Processing, Fundamentals of Scalable Data Science, etc.
  • Seeks to change and improve the world through machine learning and math
  • Shares his skills and experience as a lecturer at Lviv Polytechnic National University
  • Delivered lectures on machine learning at IT Education Academy and AI House as the largest AI community in Ukraine
  • Takes part in competitions and hackathons devoted to ML, among them the Visual Product Recognition Challenge and Hack4Retail Hackathon
  • Volodymyr is a devoted mixologist who has a keen interest in bar culture and experiments with spirits. He also enjoys Ukrainian underground music and keeps up with emerging bands across various genres
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