Tracking Storage Conditions with Blustream Mobile Application

Intelliarts built an IoT-powered custom mobile application to monitor storage conditions and get real-time alerts in case of changes in temperature and humidity.

Solution Highlights

  • Created the mobile application to track storage conditions, including temperature and humidity
  • Synced the app with IoT sensors to get real-time updates about storage conditions
  • Helped users ensure the safety of their valuables and save costs 
  • Built the product template with alternative UI designs to sell to other IoT device providers
Cold Food Storage - Blustream
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About the Project


Blustream Corporation is a product ownership AI and software development company that helps businesses across various sectors build innovative product experiences that enhance revenue, customer retention, and lifetime value.

Challenges & Project Goals:

The company contacted Intelliarts to get help with humidity and temperature monitoring app development. The mobile application should sync with a small IoT sensor via Bluetooth technology and provide users with real-time updates about storage conditions. Blustream also planned to enter new markets by selling their product like a template for IoT devices to other vendors.


Our partnership with Blustream was truly fruitful. At the end of the project, Intelliarts built a custom storage conditions tracking app that helps end users safeguard their valuables against adverse effects of temperature and humidity. The application connects via Bluetooth to an IoT sensor that contains both a hygrometer and thermometer and that is left in the storage to track its conditions. 

Location: US
Industry: Software Development
Partnership period: Jun 2017 — May 2019

Software Engineering, Mobile Application Development


IoT Solutions

Technologies used: Objective C, Swift, Mixpanel, Java, Bluetooth SDK
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Technology Solution

After a few discovery meetings with the customer, our specialists started storage monitoring app development. Some milestones of the process included:

  • Developing account authentication and authorization to manage and track user access to the application
  • Creating the ability to connect IoT sensors via Bluetooth, which was a challenging task because this technology lacked reliability. The feature was yet important to allow IoT sensors to communicate with the application to transfer the data about temperature and humidity further
  • Setting up reporting to track sensor data and visualize them with a set of charts. By keeping a record of the temperature and humidity levels, users were able to analyze data and get insights about condition fluctuations throughout the day or with a change in seasons
  • Making it possible to set thresholds for humidity and temperature so the app would control temperature and humidity levels within the storage and let the user know if these change with push notifications


A separate mention deserves mobile UI as our software engineers put lots of effort into this part of the project. Since Blustream planned this product as a template, the Intelliarts team implemented a whole set of UI designs to sell them to other vendors. In the beginning, it was challenging for us to implement various designs quickly, but we managed to speed up the Bluestream solution development later.

Business Outcomes

The mobile application we built was a true finding for businesses and individual clients to be able to upgrade their household storage systems. The end users benefited from:

  • Environmental monitoring and ensuring the safety of goods from the harmful consequences of temperature and humidity fluctuations
  • Temperature and humidity tracking to detect changes in storage conditions if any and getting timely alerts
  • Real-time status updates of storage conditions on a user-friendly UI

As a result, users prevented any temperature and humidity fluctuations, which harmed goods and affected the product quality. The application helped to preserve the product efficacy easily and with minimal costs, so companies could reduce expenses, secure the supply chain, and avoid downtime.

The Intelliarts team created an IoT solution for storage, and when we finally released the product, Blustream managed to significantly increase its customer base with the help of a reliable mobile application to work with IoT devices. Most B2B customers appeared because we ensured the possibility of creating an app with similar functionality but a different look for other IoT device providers.

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