Automated Content Localization System for HubSpot

The Intelliarts team performed back-end development of a software solution that would enable the automated localization of all the content published in the HubSpot platform in 12 languages.

Solution Highlights

  • Developed an IT system supporting automated localization to in total of 12 languages
  • Built an SQL database and a complementary tool for highlighting individual strings
  • Ensured that the developed IT system can work with the repository of HubSpot
  • Created a system for semi-automated localization of strategically important pieces of content
  • Developed a web interface and an admin account for workers involved in the project
HubSpot Content Localization
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About the Project


HubSpot — a cloud-based CRM platform intended to drive inbound marketing and sales processes. It helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and retain customers through a number of built-in software solutions. Clients of HubSpot are businesses from across multiple industries looking for ways to enhance the work of their marketing, sales, and other departments.

Challenges & Project Goals:

The customer was looking to gain advanced capabilities to manage all forms of content published on the HubSpot platform, automate the workflow for content localization, and achieve the support of localization in 12 languages. 

The challenges and goals of the project were:

  • The client had trouble managing and localizing thousands of written pieces published on the HubSpot platform for internal and external use. 
  • The need was to create a system that enables advanced control over content publication, can automatically localize simple text, and can report on crucial texts that need to be translated by outside providers is required.
  • Besides, it was necessary to automate the process of localization of the entire HubSpot platform content intended for the usage of both developers and users. 
  • The IT system should be able to localize entire content in 12 languages in real-time and without critical errors. 
  • Ensure the full-cycle back-end development of web solutions for localization single-handedly. It includes stages of initial idea validation and planning, developing, testing, releasing, and providing technical support and maintenance.


The essence of the developed solution comprises the following software tools: 

  • Mova — SQL database that is continuously updated with new information from multiple sources. It creates an ongoing system of record for CMS assets being monitored, as well as the localization workflow. The information in the database is then surfaced directly to users (e.g., via the Mova UI) or used as input/reference for related functionality, such as processing CMS assets for localization or sending notifications to Slack channels. 
  • Mova Linter — a complementary tool for highlighting individual strings in .lyaml files that could cause translation problems. It serves for automated file localization. 
  • There are other software solutions for particular use cases.

Business Value Delivered:

Intelliarts team ensured that the IT infrastructure behind the HubSpot platform can now support automated and semi-automated localization to in total of 12 languages. It enabled to eliminate the need for professional translators as well as reduce operational costs, and improve turnaround times for localization. It also significantly expanded opportunities for HubSpot to reach new markets, which potentially should bring positive financial results.

Location: US
Industry: Software
Partnership period: October 2020 — Now

Technology Consulting, Software Engineering


SaaS Development

Technologies used: Java 17, Dropwizard, Guice, AWS, Apache Zookeeper, Elasticsearch, Kafka, React, MySQL, HBase, Hadoop

Their team has played an integral part in releasing numerous high-quality product features on time. They are extremely effective and fully integrated into the development cycle, from ideation to delivery.

Director of Engineering @Hubspot

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Technology Solution

The Intelliarts team ensures that the resulting solution that supports localization to in total of 12 languages has the following functionality:

  • Automated localization. The developed IT system checks the repository of HubSpot constantly. It evaluates every new piece of content added to the HubSpot platform for translation-friendliness. The tool runs testing based on in total of 15 metrics, makes the conclusion whether the automated localization will be appropriate or whether there is a need for transferring the localization to a third-party provider of translation services, and issues the report to administrators. 
  • Semi-automated localization. There is a well-functioning system that allows for the semi-automated localization of strategically important pieces of content. After the system receives an automatically generated or manual report that there is the need for third-party-provided localization, administrators transfer the piece for translation and then move the localized piece to the publication. 
  • Web interface and an admin account. The localization team developed a web interface for all the workers involved in the project. The admin account allows making requests, leaving comments, managing content pieces, and more.
  • Slack chatbot. The team developed a Slack chatbot that constantly monitors the GitHub repositories and sends the localization team the relevant pieces of information that may be of usefulness to the project. 
Content localization for HubSpot

Business Outcomes

Intelliarts team was able to essentially contribute to the project through the back-end software development of a software solution for content localization. As a result, 

  • The proposed IT system was successfully released and is currently being used extensively. The project is still in progress, and the engineers are constantly looking for new ways to improve the localization IT system. 
  • The IT system ensures regular, proactive monitoring and localization of the content being published on the HubSpot platform to in a total of 12 languages. It allows for increasing the potential reach of the platform, as well as enhancing the user experience, which is expected to bring positive financial effects. 
  • The team minimized the use of human resources during the localization process. Additionally, it made it quicker for the platform to localize and publish fresh content after receiving it. In essence, HubSpot was able to completely eliminate the need for professional translators while also saving operational and administrative costs.
  • Users can become familiar with the necessary information in their preferred language, whether it is published external usage guides or internal documentation. 
  • The team continues to provide ongoing support, maintenance, and updates for all produced software solutions in the localization IT system.
Content localization system
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