AI-driven Online Marketing Platform Development for Nowsite

For seven years, Intelliarts has been developing a perfect solution for network marketers, featuring contact enhancement and personality analysis, expert AI bots, social media content generator, website AI generator, and much more.

Solution Highlights

  • Developed a powerful AI-driven online marketing system, featuring content generation tools, AI website builder, email campaign generator, etc.
  • Helped the customer increase both profitability and customer growth by more than 100%
  • Integrated AI tools into most features of the Nowsite social media platform
  • Encouraged the partner to win new strategic partnerships, Herbalife included
nowsite - solution highlights
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About the Project


Nowsite is an AI-driven online marketing platform designed to empower network marketers by addressing the challenges of low engagement, lack of content ideas, prospect communication issues, and limited tech knowledge. 

By offering content creation, website building, email marketing, and funnel creation capabilities, our partner strives to build the number one platform for network marketing and is currently at least halfway through this ambitious goal. Today, Nowsite counts 100,000 users in 140 countries and has invested $20 million into their product.

Challenges & Project Goals:

The customer reached out to Intelliarts far back in 2017 after the release of the MVP (minimum viable product) for the customer relationship management system created by a third-party vendor. The CRM as the early stage of their product was too unstable and continued to crash jeopardizing the product quality and their client relationship. Nowsite also aimed to enhance product scalability and feasibility, as this was a critical stumbling block on their way to developing the product.


The project started with technical due diligence delivered by the Intelliarts team, where we conducted an independent audit of the product’s technical condition, code quality, decision-making logic, modernization, and scalability options. Based on the results, our tech experts shared a vision and implementation roadmap with Nowsite for how to improve the product quality, make it more sustainable and scalable.

Half a year later, the Intelliarts team took over the entire production process, continuous deployment, configuration of the infrastructure, and architecture development. We implemented all the improvements planned, including code refactoring and the redesign of the solution architecture. So, in less than a year, our software engineering team achieved the original goals of the project to improve the quality and scalability of the Nowsite marketing system. Intelliarts also sped up knowledge transfer from the third-party vendor that originally developed the product and built a quality control system to improve the project delivery.

Eventually, Nowsite expressed the desire for team extension and delegated product development to Intelliarts. Seven years later, two teams, Canadian and Ukrainian, are working side by side to move the product closer to its mission:

“To become the easiest, most powerful social media system for network marketers. Even if you don’t like technology”.

For these seven years, Intelliarts helped Nowsite transform from a small CRM to a fully-fledged AI-powered online marketing system. Nowsite has grown to a powerful enterprise solution, and Intelliarts is proud to either fully or partly develop all key and most mighty features of this network marketing software, including:

  • Contact enhancement and personality analysis
  • A personalized AI bot and real-time AI expert bots
  • AI-based social media content generator
  • Website AI generator
  • And many more, which we’ll cover below in more detail
Location: Canada
Industry: Network Marketing
Partnership period: 2017 — Now

Technology Consulting, AI Development, Software Engineering


Cloud Services, SaaS Development

Technologies used: TypeScript/JavaScript, Angular (v14+), NestJS/Express.js, MongoDB, Redis, Jenkins/Azure Pipelines, AWS, Azure, Cypress, JEST, SuperTest
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Technology Solution

Beginning of cooperation

Our partnership with Nowsite started with the redesign and support of the existing CRM system. The customer reached out to Intelliarts with version 1 of their product to make it more stable, sustainable, and scalable.

After software due diligence performed on our side, we provided the customer with a clear vision and implementation plan of how to improve the quality and scalability of their marketing solution, with the main emphasis on:

  • Code refactoring to improve the code quality and prevent the solution from crashing
  • Improvements to the IT infrastructure to make it more up-to-date, cut maintenance costs, and increase agility
  • Solution architecture redesign to make the product more scalable

For approximately half a year, the Intelliarts team, which consisted of four software engineers, worked in tandem with third-party developers in the format of knowledge sharing and software development. Together, we implemented all the changes planned and made the product more stable and scalable. 

With ownership being at heart of Intelliarts and our key value, our tech experts took over product leadership quite soon. We wrote user stories and discussed further product development plans with the business stakeholders. Our software engineers were also in charge of the production and delivery processes, infrastructure improvements, and architecture design. We built an effective quality control system and also performed code reviews for the third-party engineers.

Nowsite product development

Soon, our partner delegated the entire product development process to Intelliarts. As the CRM started to develop into a unique online network marketing platform, our software engineering team was responsible for both the system support and new feature development. As the project progressed, the Intelliarts team grew from four to nine team members, and we plan to expand further. Nowsite also hired an in-house team to ensure the 24/7 support on their side.

Alone or in pair with the in-house team, Intelliarts developed a range of new features, as well as improved the existing ones. But the biggest product improvements took place as ChatGPT hit the market, and Nowsite decided to widely incorporate AI and large language models (LLMs) into their product. Now from sales tools to CRM, AI is deeply integrated into Nowsite’s features, helping our partner to be ahead of the competition.

For the seven years of partnership, Intelliarts succeeded in significantly extending the functionality of Nowsite network marketing software, helping the customer increase their user base and profits. Among the various features we developed, the most successful and useful ones include:

  • Personalized AI bot

When a new user signs in, we offer them a questionnaire where they describe their business and personal preferences. Based on information like personal interests, writing style, and product description, we create a personalized AI bot that provides recommendations on the user’s marketing strategy tailored to their specific needs.

How it works - nowsite

At the end of the training, an AI bot generates a slogan and story and performs a personality analysis to sum up the key points about the client and their business. As a result, the user meets a personalized AI bot they can chat with and ask for marketing advice. All the content further generated in the system is personalized as well.

AI bots - nowsite

  • Real-time expert AI bots

EricAI is a real-time AI bot trained on Eric Worre’s knowledge as a recognized network marketing expert and influencer. In live streaming format, the chatbot answers user questions and gives recommendations based on their knowledge and experience.

In addition to EricAI, the marketing system features other AI bots trained on the knowledge of various network marketers and influencers. We’re continuously expanding our AI bot lineup, aiming to create a list of these AI expert bots for the user to choose from to work on a specific task.

real-time expert bot - nowsite

  • SocialAI

The feature helps to generate content for social media and build a loyal social media audience. The content is customized for different social networking sites and has an in-built compliance checker to analyze the post success rate and regenerate it if needed. A “Surprise Me Button” creates an original post based on the personal information provided earlier and is helpful if the user has no idea where to get started.

  • Write a Message and Help Me Reply

These are two other tools for content generation. Write a Message is a perfect conversation starter, which uses AI to start real authentic conversations to generate comments for other people’s posts, as well as content for conversations, cold outreach, and sales.

Help Me Reply generates responses based on the received replies. It’s very useful for sales representatives to continue conversations with prospects and answer their questions, reply to objections, share information, send follow-ups, and close deals.

Write a Message and Help Me Reply - nowsite

  • Website AI generator

The Nowsite builder helps to easily create custom business websites based on the user’s profile. From different types of websites to landing pages, we generate a fully customizable website with unique content in a few clicks.

  • Email campaign AI generator

Email campaign AI generator effectively schedules and manages email campaigns. The user connects their own email to send letters to avoid issues with spam.

  • AI prospect search

This feature allows expanding the user’s prospect database. Nowsite has a database of 2.2 billion searchable prospects with 70 billion records to build targeted lists. An in-built AI tool helps to search for leads using various criteria, as well as gives recommendations to help users understand their product and audience better.

  • Contact enhancement and personality analysis

Developed based on the CRM system, contact management enhancement searches for extra information for the user’s contact from open sources and the Nowsite database and builds efficient marketing campaigns based on this data. The user downloads the prospect’s name and email address, and we “enhance” the contact with more information. Then, AI provides a detailed personality analysis of the prospect and marketing recommendations on how to interact with them.

Contact enhancement and personality analysis - nowsite

AI feature development

Importantly, we developed all AI bots from scratch — no third-party solutions were used in this case. The Intelliarts team worked in partnership with the Canadian engineering team, which was responsible for backend development, while we developed the user interface and the integration with API.

For Eric AI, the Intelliarts engineers were also in charge of the integration with a third-party video streaming service, aside from the UI and integration with API. This feature consisted of two services behind it:

  • One is used for text conversation and is a pretty straightforward API for managing conversations and sending messages
  • Another is a so-called AI avatar. All the heavy lifting, i.e., creating a realistic avatar, is done by a third-party AI video generator. However, integrating this solution into the customer’s system was a challenge of its own. Our software engineers had to properly manage establishing, maintaining, and closing WebRTC connections; handle data exchanges and multiple edge cases, including network instability, third-party solution errors, etc.

One more interesting challenge was to make the avatar look more minimalistic, as requested by the UI designer. The team had to create a custom solution to change the background from green to white. The solution was to process each incoming frame of the video by treating it as a static image. We then replaced green pixels with transparent ones based on the threshold to cover all the shades and painted the background as per the client screen refresh rate. This approach allowed us both to provide a seamless experience as if the video had never been processed before and be able to customize it as deeply as needed. The funny moment is that the third-party video vendor even asked our team to share this solution because they wanted to change the background color for their own clients too.

Some of the AI features were created in collaboration with the Canadian team. For example, Intelliarts built a user-friendly interface for Write a Message and integrated it with API while the Canadian team created the backend for the website. Meanwhile, others like the email campaign AI generator were fully implemented by Intelliarts. Our software engineers also implemented an intricate affiliate program, which was rebuilt four times, as well as a reward system inside the product.

Business Outcomes

Today Nowsite is a perfect solution for network marketers. The Intelliarts team joined the effort with Nowsite and built a powerful AI-based marketing platform, which helps to generate content, create and host websites, craft email campaigns and sales funnels. From AI solutions to fancy marketing automation tools, Nowsite covers all and every need of network marketers and helps users become social media stars. 

Intelliarts did their best to bring this marketing solution to life and help the customer achieve impressive business outcomes:

  • Significant customer growth, with 112% growth only in the last year
  • Profitability, with the 130% increase in revenue
  • New strategic partnerships, among which the most important is Herbalife Nutrition as the leader in daily nutrient products
  • Over 95% user satisfaction from new users, based on the results of the 2024 Survey
  • Becoming a frontrunner when it comes to AI tools for network marketing
  • Global expansion to over 50 languages

The company believes in their product to such an extent they guarantee new users to double their social media results in 30 days. And if this doesn’t happen, they promise to return the money.

Since the release of ChatGPT, Nowsite shifted their focus to integrating AI into their features, and a year later, the company “found itself miles ahead of everybody else”, as stated by the CEO Justin Belobaba. The product has grown significantly in the number of users and product engagement. This also positively impacted our team, which closed three vacancies only in the last three months.

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