Yurii Laba

DS/ML Engineer

About Yurii

Yurii Laba is an experienced data scientist and machine learning engineer who translates data into valuable insights on a daily basis. He contributes to the Intelliarts blog, opening the curtain about AI/ML development to business leaders.

Yurii’s expertise includes:

  • 4+ years of experience in data science
  • A hands-on experience in computer vision, anomaly detection, natural language processing, and so on
  • Strong engineering skills with a BS degree focused in Computer Science from Ukrainian Catholic University
  • MS degree in Innovations and Entrepreneurship obtained in Lviv Business School
  • Regular participation in popular AI/ML events and competitions, such as the Visual Product Recognition Challenge and Hack4Retail Hackathon
  • Public speaking on NLP in the workshop organized by AI House
  • A range of licenses and certificates, including SQL, Problem Solving, etc. from HackerRank, Neural Networks, NLP with Classification and Vector Spaces, Linear Regression for Business Statistics, and others
  • A deep interest and contribution to the development of the Ukrainian AI community, including the latest scientific research paper on word sense disambiguation in Ukrainian, which was presented at the UNLP workshop at the EACL conference.
  • Yurii is passionate about history and archeology, particularly the history of 20th-century Eastern Europe. He likes traveling to explore his native country, hiking in the mountains, and long-distance bicycle rides
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