Alexander Barinov

Managing Partner

About Alexander

Alexander Barinov is a managing partner at Intelliarts who has been guiding the company’s strategic direction and supervising day-to-day activities for almost 20 years. He’s enthusiastic about data science and ML with vast experience in software engineering.

Alexander shares his valuable experience with the Intelliarts readers, which lies in:

  • Being tech-savvy — Alexander’s experience reaches more than 20 years in the technology industry
  • In-depth knowledge of agile methodologies, such as CRISP-DM and SCRUM
  • Active participation in various technology events, lecturing, and workshops
  • Diverse management background gained after managing multiple software development projects
  • Long-term cooperation with Intelliarts, from a software engineer to the upper management level
  • Special interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, including certification in machine learning issued by Stanford University
  • MS degree in Technology Management
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