Integration of Third-Party Software into HubSpot

The Intelliarts team performed the web software development of services that would enable the integration of multiple 3d party software tools with the HubSpot CRM platform.

Solution Highlights

  • Developed services that support the synchronization of data received through software solutions
  • Ensured ease of access to integrated software solutions from the HubSpot digital environment
  • Ensured continuous modification of the microservices to match the latest updates
HubSpot Software Integrations
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About the Project


HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM platform that facilitates inbound marketing and sales processes. It helps businesses attract visitors, convert leads, and retain customers by utilizing a variety of built-in software solutions. Clients of HubSpot come from a wide range of industries looking for ways to improve the work of their marketing, sales, and other departments.

Challenges & Project Goals:

The customer was looking for the full cycle web software development of services that would enable the integration of required 3d party software solutions, including Slack and Zoom, with the HubSpot CRM platform.

The main purpose of the Strategic Integrations Group, with which the Intelliarts team collaborates in this project, is to ensure that employees of businesses have access to all their essential tools within the HubSpot ecosystem through custom integration development. This way, the team ensures that users stick with the HubSpot platform without the hassle of switching toolsets, making HubSpot a powerful, competitive, and truly comprehensive platform. 

Regarding the goals and challenges of the project:

  • The client faced difficulty maintaining their high operational efficiency because a vast range of their software tools in use are not integrated with their preferred CRM — HubSpot. Because of that, data exchange and synchronization, as well as both internal and external communications, were complicated. 
  • Software tools to be integrated have been receiving updates constantly. It interferes with successful integration all the way as it forces the team to make adjustments to the code. 
  • The client had a legacy Zoom integration that we took ownership of. Our team modified it so it’s more stable and introduced additional features, making this integration more useful for end users.
  • The team is trusted to run end-to-end development of web services for integrations single-handedly. It includes stages of initial idea validation and planning, developing a technical solution, testing the technical solution, releasing the technical solution, and providing technical support and maintenance. 
  • Intelliarts team are trusted partners of HubSpot product managers and designers on many levels. That’s why we also were to assist with the development of the strategy for the integration. It included defining the vision and the area of focus for the project and validating that the goals of the project make sense.


End-to-end development of a set of microservices that would enable the seamless integration of a range of third-party software solutions with the HubSpot platform. The list of integrated external software includes NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Slack, Zoom, Mailchimp, OneSignal, Salesforce, Jira, SurveyMonkey, and Marketing Events Public API. Ensure that the users have easy assess to third-party tools from HubSpot and vice versa, and the high performance of automated data synchronization.

Business Value Delivered:

The Intelliarts team ensured that the IT infrastructure behind the HubSpot platform can now support integration with multiple external software solutions. Now users of the platform can enjoy using their tech stack with no restrictions while having all essential data synchronized with the HubSpot platform. It should help the client stay competitive in the marketplace and increase the potential revenue.

Location: US
Industry: Software
Partnership period: January 2018 — Now

Software Engineering, Technology Consulting


Data analysis, Cloud Services, Business Intelligence & Analytics

Technologies used: Java 17, Dropwizard, Guice, AWS, Zookeeper, Elasticsearch, Kafka, React, MySQL, HBase, Hadoop
HubSpot Software integrations Jira
HubSpot Software integrations Zoom

They have a culture that is very similar to the one we have in-house. They treat everyone with respect and instill the sense of ownership into their developers, which is the quality we value the most in our internal and external developers.

Director of Engineering @Hubspot

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Technology Solution

The resulting solution by the Intelliarts team is basically a set of microservices that ensure seamless integrations of external software tools with the HubSpot platform. Here are additional details about the modified IT infrastructure:

  • Synchronization of data. The developed services support the synchronization of data received through the many software solutions integrated with the HubSpot platform. It concerns, for example, contact details of Zoom meeting participants, session recordings, and other crucial information.
  • Continuous modification. Services are being modified continuously to match the latest updates of corresponding software solutions. It ensures the high performance of integrations. 
  • Ease of access. Software solutions can be easily assessed from the HubSpot digital environments and vice versa. In case a user spends more time in a third-party solution rather than in HubSpot, they still can enjoy automated data synchronization or pull information manually using shortcuts and commands. So, users can exploit the capabilities of their tech stack without additional restrictions. Access and use are intuitive, while data synchronization is unobtrusive.

Business Outcomes

The Intelliarts team was able to essentially contribute to the project through the development of a set of microservices for software integrations. As a result, 

  • The requested integrations have been released successfully and are used extensively as of now. 
  • The team keeps providing continuous support and maintenance, as well as releasing updates to all of the developed services.
  • Salesforce integration has more than 11 thousand active installs from HubSpot marketplace as of now. 
  • The integrations developed for the HubSpot internal service team have more than 150 thousand active users as of now.
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