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We establish top-notch dedicated software engineering teams in Ukraine for technology companies and startups

What We Do

Since 1999 we have been using our domain and technology expertise to help companies worldwide building high-quality and cost-effective software solutions


  • Java

  • Ruby

  • Python

  • JavaScript

  • Mobile
    (iOS, Android)

  • C++



  • Mobile

  • Web

  • SaaS/Cloud

  • Browser

  • Big Data


  • Digital

  • Digital

  • Automated

  • Business Process

  • eLearning

Why Us

We are focusing on building long-term relationships with our clients through providing unique experience of making their dedicated teams as effective as in-house ones

Business mindset


Easy communication


Experience and quality matters


Scalable teams


Long-term focus




Business mindset

Team learns domain to better understand your business

MVP is delivered fast to get real feedback earlier

Product is always kept in potentially shippable state

We analyse product and share improvement ideas with client

Easy communication

All our engineers speak English fluently

We tend to use shifted schedule to increase joint working time

Contacting engineers is just a matter of sending Skype message

Working with us feels like a team is located in your office

Experience and quality matters

Senior and middle engineers constitute 80% of a company

We treat product complexity as a challenge and opportunity to learn

10+ IT conferences attended and 100+ IT books read annually

Multi-layer quality assurance is integrated into development process

Scalable teams

First engineer joins your product team in only 24 hours

Grow a team of a highly-skilled engineers in just 3 months

More than 15000 IT professionals available in Lviv to scale further

Rearrange your team according to actual business needs

Long-term focus

Average relationship duration with our clients is 5+ years

Personal relationship are valued more than contract negotiations

9 out of 10 clients refer us to other companies

Flexibility in adjusting to client's company culture


Clients know all the team members working on a product

Product progress is visible for clients on a daily basis

We share product implementation knowledge with our clients

Risks are communicated and managed transparently

Research and Development

We are Machine Learning enthusiasts and technology lovers, who apply Data Science & Machine Learning to solve business challenges and fuel innovations.

Our Clients

We value every our client from a small startup to Fortune 500 company and put our best efforts to make them successful

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